An occurrence of social or personal importance.


An important property of a useful fuel is that its energy can be stored to be released only when needed, and that the release is controlled in such a way that the energy can be harnessed to produce work.


The Company with the knowledge and experience to capture energy, talent, organization and attention to details so they can be released at your Event to produce extraordinary results.

You have the ideas and plans for your event. You may be just starting but you don’t want to miss anything; or your event may be well established but you want it to run just a little smoother. You may need just a little more fuel to make things work that much better. EventFuel can provide the extra boost your event needs to make it that much more special.

EventFuel LLC was founded by Jim Furuya, a former electrical engineer who started out a volunteer but soon found a passion and a profession in working events.

EventFuel has extensive technical and project management experience in road racing and events ranging from educational programs to kids’ runs and marathons. EventFuel has provided event support for running events, bicycle rides, health and fitness expos, trade shows, exclusive parties and televised award banquets.


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