The Expo Vendor Passport will function as follows: Each passport vendor is required to provide a raffle item worth $25 or more. Each runner can download our REVEL APP that they will need to obtain a three digit code from each participating vendor in order to qualify for the vendor and REVEL prize drawings at the end of the week. REVEL will provide the three-digit code and signage for participating vendors to give to runners. After an attendee completes their “Expo Trip” (visits each passport participant’s booth) they are qualified for the prize drawing. Only fully completed “Expo Trips” will be eligible for the drawings. Only attendees will be eligible to win the prizes contributed by the vendors (vendors and sponsors will not be eligible). REVEL will coordinate the drawing of all vendor prizes at the end of the week, and REVEL will post all winners in an email. The winners will be shipped their prizes.
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